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Timbren Suspension

We are one of the largest stocking Timbren distributors in the United States and stock all late model front end snowplow kits and most one ton and under rear suspension kits. We offer the best pricing on the web and ship orders daily. To purchase a set or get a quote call us today.

Snow Plows

Timbren has proven to be reliable even in areas where the heaviest snowfalls occur.  Timbren Ride Quality products are specified by municipal, state and highway departments for all snow removal equipment.  Whether you use a pickup to clear a small driveway or a class 8 highway truck with a wing blade, Timbren Industries has a suspension enhancement system designed to provide a safe and level ride for plowing snow in the toughest of environments.
These high performance suspension kits are specified on most state, county and provincial transport equipment for snow plowing. Many snowplows are also equipped with very high center of gravity salt spreaders carrying heavy loads that induce sway. The rear suspension enhancement system will improve roll stiffness and absorb road shock.


The softer ride qualities of today’s tow vehicles cause excessive roll and sway resulting in a “white-knuckle” experience.  Timbren SES kits eliminate trailer roll and sway, vehicle sag and the need for anti-sway bars. Steering and handling is also improved.


Yesterday’s pickup truck worked like a truck and rode like a truck. Today’s truck rides more like a car. They are designed with softer, smoother ride quality, but sag and sway under heavy loads.
Truck owners are looking for a helper spring that delivers good ride quality and extra load capacity – all at the same time. Is this possible?  Yes. Timbren SES delivers both good ride quality and improved load handling without affecting the unloaded ride. That’s the beauty of the Timbren system!